Local Intake Area

The local intake area map for Broome primary schools is shown here:

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The following defines the local-intake area for Broome North Primary School:

From a point on the coastline on the western extension of Murray Road, east along this extension and east and south east along Murray Road (north side included) to Gubinge Road, north east and east along Gubinge Road (north side included) and its eastern extension to the Great Northern Highway, north along Great Northern Highway (west side included) to Broome Road, continuing north to the east-west boundary of the locality of Roebuck, west along this locality boundary to the locality boundary of Waterbank, west along the locality boundary of Waterbank to the coastline, and generally south along the coastline to the western extension of Murray Road. 


School Bus Service:

Please find attached information regarding changes to the Public Transport Area of Broome which will impact the current the School Bus Service for some families at our school from the commencement of Term 4, 2020. Broome Public School Buses timetable.

Broome Town Service School Route 783AM effective 12/10/2020

Broome Town Service School Route 783PM effective 12/10/2020