Our Vision

To provide a supportive and inspiring learning environment where students are empowered to achieve their personal best and become respectful, responsible and resilient members of their community.

We believe

  • Positive teacher-student relationships, high expectations and excellent classroom practice are essential for student success.
  • Every child has the right to a safe and inclusive learning environment regardless of socio-economic status, cultural diversity, physical, intellectual or emotional development.
  • Our focus is on developing the whole child – socially, emotionally, academically, creatively and physically.
  • High quality, evidenced-based teaching is an undeniable factor in increasing outcomes for our students.
  • All young people are capable of learning, and success for all students is our core business.
  • Learning programs need to acknowledge and build on where students are at with their learning. They need to be culturally and developmentally appropriate and have real-life application.
  • A culture of active and open communication between staff, students and parents supports student engagement and achievement.

Focus Areas

  • Success for all students
  • High quality teaching and learning
  • Culture and care
  • Strong sustainable community partnerships