Our School

Broome North Primary School is a modern, state of the art facility located in the growing suburb of Waranyjarri, to the North of Broome central.

The progressive and modern design of the school includes four large teaching and learning blocks as well as learning areas designed for specialist classes such as Early Childhood, Visual Arts, Music, Physical and Health Education. Additionally, the school will has a covered assembly / all-purpose area, a fully equipped canteen, a library, an oval with a cricket pitch and training nets and basketball / tennis courts.

BNPS-Stacked smaller

The Broome North Primary School Logo’s main element reflects a stilt mangrove tree and symbolizes the growth of students through their school career. The main stem and branches reflect the human form with arms extended ready to embrace any challenge. The top leaves/seeds are flying free reflecting the students growth continues as they grow into their next stage of life.

The tree is grounded in the earth (community) and draws nutrients (learning) from its surroundings while it grows.

The four stilt roots also reflect the four inputs to children’s learning: emotional – intellectual – physical – social.

The three arcs reflect the sand, shallow sea (low tide) and deeper sea (high tide). It also reflects the three elements of a conductive learning environment:
•Teacher as a guide.
•Allowing natural curiosity to direct learning.
•Promote respect for all things and people.

The logo captures the similarities between life in the mangroves and the early learning environment of students. The similarities between both mangroves and the school environment includes:

•Providing shelter and a supportive environment.
•Adapting to changing surroundings and input.
•Grow and flourish when they system is in balance.
•Students, like the seeds of a mangrove tree, remain in a sheltered safe environment until they are ready to progress to the next stage in life.

School Vision & Motto

Our Vision:

At Broome North Primary School we provide a holistic, relevant and targeted education, fostering in each child respect and responsibility towards themselves, our multicultural community and the environment, delivering strong foundations for successful future learning.”

At Broome North Primary School we have a culture of “ Learning, Thriving and Leading” – our school motto.