KSP KindiLink  (0-3 Program)


What you need to know                                                                                     

KindiLink is a wonderful play-and-learn initiative designed specifically for our youngest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who are not yet ready for formal schooling. The program aims to foster confidence and engagement among these children, creating a safe and supportive environment where they can thrive. Our primary goal is to contribute to the development and learning of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children while also empowering families to actively participate in their child’s education. We believe that parents are a child’s first and most important educators, and KindiLink seeks to build upon this foundational role.

Thanks to the generous funding from the Kimberley Schools Project (KSP), we are thrilled to continue offering this invaluable program until at least the end of 2024. However, due to high demand and limited spaces, enrolment for Term 1 is exclusive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. We understand the eagerness within the wider community, and we plan to open up enrolments for Term 2 if spaces are available.

Broome North Primary School and the Department of Education through KSP will provide a teacher and an Aboriginal Islander Education Officer, resources, and funding for the program. Parents and staff work together to determine the emphasis of the program based on family and children’s needs using the Abecedarian Approach, which places a priority on high-quality adult-child interactions and children’s language acquisition. 

Held on site and using the Abecedarian approach, we aim to:

  • Prepare children for school
  • Build family and school relationships
  • Create a positive attitude and a sense of belonging towards the school
  • Improve educational outcomes for children

Research has shown that this approach can improve IQ and stimulate development in multiple domains. These interactions can even work to counteract the negative impact of growing up in disadvantaged circumstances.

Who is it for and who attends? KindiLink is for Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander children from 0-3 years old. As first educators, parents or carers are always in attendance with their children.

Where is it based? Broome North Primary KindiLink is located in our Early Childhood area in the Marndan Gurdidi Gurdidi (6) class.

When does it run? Our weekly sessions are on Monday and Tuesday from 8 am until 11 am.

Who are the staff? Each play-and-learn session will be supported by two school staff members.

Teacher:  Lucy Turner                  AIEO:   Shonte Molyneux

If you are interested in securing a place for your child in this enriching program, we encourage you to complete the ‘Expression of Interest Form’. Expression of interest is required annually as they do not roll over. Rest assured, if a spot becomes available, our school will reach out to you promptly. We appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to the education of your child and look forward to the possibility of welcoming them into KindiLink.

Further information can be accessed by contacting the school on 91953000.